Waypoint EDU: Educational Scavenger Hunts with an AR twist!


Waypoint EDU is a fun, educational augmented-reality geocaching game for classrooms and families.

  • Teachers (or parents) use Waypoint EDU to create engaging augmented reality geocaches (“Hunts”).

  • Setting up a Hunt is very simple – enter a few details, draw a Playfield directly on the map, and enter quiz questions for your curriculum.

  • Teachers can transfer Hunts to student devices using AirDrop.

  • A game of Waypoint EDU is a great reason for teachers to take their classes outside.

  • Includes two Official Hunts. Students can learn about ancient wonders of the world like Stonehenge and the Pyramid of Giza and groundbreaking inventions like the telephone and the lightbulb via scale-model AR.

Please note: Waypoint EDU requires a device with GPS+Cellular to play, though non-cellular devices can be used to create.


Press Kit

Download our Press Kit (including screenshots and app information) here.

Featured by Apple

We're proud to be featured in the App Store's "New Apps We Love", "AR Apps", and "Education" sections. We're also very excited to be included in the Today tab story, "New Ways to Learn: Art and Culture" –

Field trips just got cooler.
— Brett Terpstra, MacStories
4/5 Stars.
Waypoint EDU’s quizzes are easy for adults to create and for kids to take, and the maps and visuals are crystal clear.
— Dana Villamagna, Common Sense Media
From an educator perspective, (Waypoint EDU) has tons of potential.
— Jason Hubbard, STEM teacher

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